vrijdag 11 september 2015


This first assignment for the MOOC What future for education is a very interesting one. I may answer what my ideas are about the future of education. But first I’ll answer the first part of the question from the course. What do I think I’ll be able to get out of this course? I’m a researcher and I’m a lecturer. I hope I will meet other teachers and discuss the possibilities for education. Because I think there will be a lot of changes the next 5 years. A whole new group of students are entering the arena of education. Students, who are used to work, read and interaction with the help of a broad selection of devices. These students don’t need traditional forms of education. They need education that suits their way of communication and learning. I want to find out what other teachers think and do when they meet these students. I think teachers must make the paradigm shift and start to believe they do not need to have all the knowledge. The Internet has all the knowledge. Teachers must become guides.
My ideas for future education are linked to these “new” students and the new role of teachers. We must teach our students to act responsible on and with the net. There is lots of information when you know where and how to look for it.  

Sylvia Schouwenaars

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